Vision Therapy & Development

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Davisville Eye Care Vision Therapy Clinic

We offer binocular vision assessments, visual perceptual evaluations, and vision therapy.  Vision therapy help children develop visual skills to enhance their everyday learning and reading skills.  The ability to efficiently take in, understand and use visual information which are important in providing a solid foundation for learning.

Victoria Village Optometry

VicVilo offers Vision Therapy Consultations and Assessments including an automated reading analysis. Vision Therapy allows us to work one-on-one with children and adults whose eyes may not be working together as a team. Vision Therapy can help reduce headaches and strain, and improve overall achievement in school and everyday activities.

Dr. Fabian Tai & Associates

An optometry clinic that focuses on vision development. We diagnose and treat visual skills that can affect one’s school performance, sports play and concentration when reading.  We also also treat and manage head related injuries such as concussions and stroke.

Dr. Angela Peddle

Vaughan Family Vision Care offers tailor-made, 1 on 1 vision therapy to patients of all ages and needs. Our vision therapists are trained in pediatrics, special needs, concussion management and sports performance enhancement.

Vaughan Vision